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Camera resolution 2.0 Mega pixels Twin camera O O
Light source Blue LED 30,000 hours O O
3D Scanning principle Phase shifting optical triangulation   O O
3D Scanning area (FOV) 100mm, 200mm, 400mm Diagonal Select One O O
Portable size (W x H x D) 400 x 110 x 210mm   O O
Weight 4kg   O O
Interface IEEE 1394B   O O
Power AC 85 ~ 265V / 50/60 Hz   O O
Output data format STL   O O
O/S Windows XP(32bit), Windows 7(32/64bit)   O O
Moving stage 2 axis movement
Pay load 10Kg
Diameter: 300 mm
AC 85 ~ 265V / 50/60 Hz
Swing & Rotation O  
Interface USB 2.0 High-Speed   O  
Size (W x H x D) 300 mmⅹ800 mmⅹ900 mm   O  


A combination of automation and Rexcan CS

• Automatic 3D scanning process & Active sync
• No targets or manual alignment needed
• Ease of scanning path generation
• Automatic calibration
• Detachable Rexcan CS
• Dimension : 300 x 800 x 900mm (Can be installed on your desk)


Automatic 3D scanning & Active sync.

3D scanning does not always take lots of work
With just a single click of a button, users can get their whole object scanning done very easily and quickly. A mouse click away for actively synchronizing the model and camera views, enabling users to recognize any scanning position and to add more scans where it may be needed.

No targets or manual alignment needed

Targets are no longer in need for your scanning job with Rexcan CS+. Using the pre-calculated information of the axis calibration, accurate alignment is carried out without the need for targets or manual registration.

Ease of scanning path generation

Depending upon the complexity of the scan object, it may require a different scanning path. Flexibility of the scanning path generation makes it easy for users to make their own scanning path, allowing repeat data collection on various object sizes and shapes.

Automatic calibration

Once the calibration panel is installed, clicking the calibration wizard will guide you through an automated calibration process. The whole calibration process may have been essential, but difficult for you to do before. Now you’ll experience a genuinely user-friendly system that allows the automated calibration for every user.

Detachable Rexcan CS

In most cases, Rexcan CS+ will do all the scanning jobs automatically. What if you’re in need of scanning objects that are bigger or heavier than what you’ve been normally scanning on? Don’t worry. You can easily detach the scanner sensor from Rexcan CS+, and can still proceed with all the scanning needs by having it installed on either a tri-pod or stand.

Can be installed on your desk

For your regular tasks and scanning jobs, you wouldn’t need to move to and from your workplace and workroom. Rexcan CS+ is compactly designed to be installed on your desk. From now on, focus more on your everyday job. The smart solution, Rexcan CS+, will take care of your 3d-scans automatically.


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